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My stay at Village Hotel Katong

Hi sweeties, I'm at the airport in Singapore, ready to go to my next destination and I couldn't be more anxious to just lay on the beach and just relax. Singapore was a wonderful country and even though I'll be returning to it very soon for my Brussels departure, I think I have visited most of it. I'll do a special post very soon with pics and everything, but until then I organized a special post for this lovely hotel that I stood in during these 3 days. Village Hotel Katong is so welcoming and my room was simply dreamy. If I were to choose again, I'll definitely go for the Peranakan suite as this room really captured my eye from the very first time I have laid my eyes upon.
Here you have my YouTube video I manage to put together today:

Don't be fooled though, if you want to take a private shower, it also comes with a remarkable big shower cabin and I loved that the water pressure was so good. I find it quite important to have a good shower and feel that you…

Let's twist

Hi guys, I'm bringing my outfit post a bit early today as this evening I'll be quite busy this afternoon attending an event, so better check my instastories for live updates ! :) Anyway, I know how you all appreciated my look the other day and I've been quite in a dressy mood lately, so the outfit that I'm wearing today is also in that certain style, but with a '20s twist. I bet you will absolutely love it ! One of my friends told me also that she could see herself wearing this dress at a dance show!(she's a professional twist dancer) Or, of course, you can totally wear it at a dinner date :)

What I wore: - Gamiss dress - New Look clutch - VerySimple coat - Schutz shoes - Gatta tights

Hope I'll be able to post something tomorrow as well. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram for my travel adventures starting tomorrow!!! I'll be traveling for 2 weeks, guys ! really excited
Kisses, R.

No, it's real !

Hi guys, I'm still sick in bed and I feel like I'm dying inside. I really hope that it will be better tomorrow as I have an event to go it in the evening...I'll probably take an overdose of medicine and just suck it all in, like be a man about it lol. It's great that I still have a sense of humour, totally opposite from my curent ugly face.👹 #lookinglikethelivingdead Ok, enough feeling sorry for myself routine, it's time to get rolling with today's outfit post - yey !  Just look at how gorgeous this combo is for going out on a Friday night for instance!  What do you think? Where would you go out dressed like this?

What I wore: - Zaful bodysuit - Zaful skirt - Jeffrey Campbell boots - Lightinthebox purse - Poppy Lovers coat - Gatta tights
Really hope you like the look, guys! Oh, I cannot wait to feel so better again :) Kisses, R.

Office, but not quite like

Hi guys, Ugh, I'm feeling so sick and I look like s*it rrr.. I'm gonna put myself in the bed soon and get a hot tea and take care of myself before I part. Hope I'll be better before I live. Luckily, I did quite a few outfit shots in advance, so I have something new every day to show off.  Today I'm having a look that can be business chic, with a twist !  Check out below what I'm wearing

What I wore: - Poppy Lovers shirt - Dezzal high waist pants - Zara heels - W.E. jacket - Zaful bag

Really hope you like this look, guys and be sure to be back tomorrow for more !

Straight forward

Hi guys, Hope your weekend was cool ! Mine was quite busy, mainly with work and now I'm actually waiting a bit before going to the movies. Gonna see The Boyfriend, with one of my fave actors, James Franco - love that guy !  Anyway, I know you're anxious to check out the new outfit of the day! I've been rocking a lot of dresses lately as you probably saw on my Instastories, but will def share with you each and every one of my tenues.  Check out this combo:

What I wore: - Oh Polly coat - TwinkleDeals velvet dress - Zara boots - Sfera clutch

Really hope you like the look. I was wondering if I should buy the pink version of my coat too :)