Sunday, September 4, 2016

Hold your breath and count to 10

Hello sweeties,
Hope your weekend was ,and still is actually, awesome ! I've been partying a little bit last night at my fave place in town. You probably saw me on Snapchat if you're following me there. 
Other than that, I was up early in the morning cause my body is used to getting up early, so I'm a little dizzy...probably will hit the sack this afternoon for a little siesta. :)
But, before everything, I've promised myself that today I'll bring you not one, but two outfit posts ( YEY). First stop, let's start the day in a casual vibe. I'm wearing my Chicwish top which is soooo cute and I like it so much. Can be also styled in an elegant way, but I've styled it with my fave pair of jeans ( two faced actually ). I'm also wearing my cute Dolce Vita sandals  and a simple flower bag.  And yes, I'm rocking another charm bracelet from Star Harvest Jewelry 
Check out the new video and pics, guys:

What I wore:
- New Look bag

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out the blog, guys! Really means a lot :)
Hope you'll be back tomorrow for yet another awesome ootd post! 


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