Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Hello sweeties,
Hope your week is going well. We're on the last days of Summer and looks like the weather is still ok. I'm so happy for that cause I just can't imagine the day were Fall will start and I don't want to ! 
I don't like Fall/Winter period - it's just the worst 😶. Hope I'll be able to travel more so I can avoid all the cold and rain...
Anyway, let's enjoy the "now" and worry about the "after" later :)
So, enjoy my cute casual look featuring this cool shirt from Zaful that is super fashionable, cause as you know, pom-poms were like "the thing" this summer - and it is still summer, right? :)
Here you have my YouTube video and the pictures that go with:

What I wore:
- Forever21 cropped top
- Zara jeans 
- Zara shoes
- Mango bag

Thank you so much for checking out the look, guys!
Do stay tuned for more xo


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  1. Love your outfit!! You shoes and blouse are amazing!! Xx Susanne -


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