Friday, August 12, 2016

Mercedes Benz SL400

Hi guys,
As you all know I had the undivided pleasure to test out throughout the weekend the new SL400 Mercedes Benz cabrio. I must say that it's not just a car, it's a freaking spaceship! As an Audi owner, I think that Mercedes always touches my elegant, classy side. Even though it's a sports car, it still holds that elegance that Mercedes is popular for.
For just 131.297,11 €, this baby can be yours as well. The question is: what can a car do for that amount of money? Well, from personal experience, and a fashion she-blogger's point of view, I felt like every day I was discovering something new. Aside from the way it "holds" you every time you turn a curve and of course the in-seats massage option, it has the power to go up to 100km/h in just 4,9s with its 367 horse power. Quite impressive, right?

My uncle used to had a Mercedes back when I was little. But that was back in the 90s and it amazes me how much things changed around the years. I only can imagine what everything will look like 20 years from now. I'm definitely waiting for it.

If you hear that engine roar, know that it's a V6 one. I totally love that sound
Just check out the video below:

And now to get on the safe side of the story, the Mercedes Benz SL400 has a emergency break assistant. So if you're driving and suddenly a kid crosses the street, the car will detect its motion and the automatic brake system will trigger. Same thing if you're on a long road, like highway, and you have the cruise control on, it follows the traffic ( like the car in front of you).
So with this car you play it safe !

Totally dig also the car's lightning system, in and out of it. The Intelligent Light System in LED makes you see really well in nighttime. So definitely a plus there!

Amongst other awesome options, I really like the fact that it parks on its own,you just have to "play" with the pedals. For a girl, I think that's soooo awesome :) !
Ok, so I can go on and on to tell you so many about this car, because it's really worth telling, but I think that you should see it for yourself.

It's that good xo

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