Thursday, August 4, 2016

Kissable lips

Hi sweeties,
While you're waiting for a new outfit post, I thought I should make a little review on this awesome lipgloss that normally helps you not lose your lip contour. As you all know, with age, our contour around the lips fades. So the lipgloss that you can use either just as it is or with your fave lipstick. 
I didn't use it long enough to see the contour result, but it does make your lips look fuller and I love that it has a nice consistency.

I know I may not have the most beautiful lips, but the lipgloss totally makes my lips more cool. :)
My friend Charlotte can tell you all about this lipgloss and how to get it! You can join her Facebook group as well. She always talks about all her products and I think she'll be more than happy to give you extra infos on everything !

Talk later, sweeties!

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