Close enough

Hello sweeties,
What a day I had ! It feels like I'm dreaming.. I absolutely love this weekend ! And it will get even better :) - just wait and see !
Anyway, I'm back with a short outfit post to present you my super cute dress from Zaful that I think it imitates so well denim, but it's not like 100% denim; think of it as a more summery dress, but still with the denim vibe. I totally love the lace insertion as well and imagine that you can wear it casually and comfy ! 
I'm doing my comfy look today and I pray the God that YouTube has uploaded my video in HD cause it's getting on my nerves!:

What I wore:
- Ken shoes slides
- Sacha bag

Thank you so much for checking out the blog, guys!
Have a wonderful night ! 


  1. This is such an elegant look! love the outfit!

  2. nice blue dress

  3. The hollowed out sleeves, the sexy lace-up and the trim. It all equals fabulous!


  4. Executed simply and lovely. Love this romantic outfit!


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