Sunday, August 28, 2016

A day at De Panne beach

Hello sweeties,
So, as you all know, I found a new beach spot ! Even though I like Knokke beach so much, a blogger friend of mine, Chifâa ( that you can find her blog here ), recommended I went a bit further to more wider, white-sand beaches. So, I went to De Panne beach, which is like 2h and something from Brussels. Aside from the fact that you find a parking way too difficult and that the water looks like mud at shore, I super love the beach ! It's just perfect to stay a whole day over there. Even though there are a lot of people, the beach is so big that you will find a nice quiet spot whenever. And the water is sooooo warm - for the North Sea, that's amazing ! 
I wore my beautiful bikini from Zaful, Prada sunnies and of course, we both took our Havaianas flip-flops ! Not a beach day without them :) - I even have this super cute wallet that is waterproof - you can put even your iphone 6 in it - it fits! My boyfriend's Havaianas are Star Wars limited edition. Of course he went crazy about them... He's a dude! Hahahaha
Oh, and if you're wondering about my round beach towel, it also comes from Zaful ! It's super cute and I saw that round ones are so in this year :)

Really hope you enjoyed my little post and if you're wondering, I'll be in bed, dreaming about another day at the beach :)



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