Saturday, June 18, 2016

One dance

Hello sweeties,
I hope your weekend is going well. I was busy organising one of my closets. You know the life of a fashion blogger comes with a lot of clothes, shoes, accessories, etc, but when it comes to selecting them or just organising them, it takes just forever ! I never imagined that I would be complaining about too many clothes, but here I am lol. I still love them though 😍
As I love today's look - so bureau like, detective groove and chic feminine influences - I'm wearing this beautiful long jacket from Poppy Lovers which is perfect for this weather (chilly, but still summer), and my trusted Wolford shapeshifting dress. I added a pair of leopard printed shoes and a nude bag, along with a simple beautiful necklace (yes, it's just one but looks like 3) from Star Harvest Jewelry .

What I wore:
- Mango leopard print shoes
- Zara nude bag ( find an awesome selection here)

Thank you so much for taking your time to check out my look and I do hope you like it at least as much as I do :)
See you tomorrow! :D


  1. Oh gosh. Organizing closets is my least favourite thing to do...but it looks so nice afterwards! Love this outfit. Those shoes are stunning.

  2. Love the shoe and the belted trenc coat! U look perfect and classy! :)


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