Monday, June 27, 2016

No rabbit drama

Hi guys,
I’m now at the airport, waiting to take my flight. It’s been a super cool journey and I hope to visit the Model Management team again soon ! 
Since I don’t have nothing to do here, I must kill some time and as I found these cute photos from last week when I went out for a short walk, I thought, eh, why not show you how I literally downdress to say so. I’m really not the type to put on a tone of make up and wear heels all day everyday, even more when I just want to go around the quarter and enjoy a little fresh air for a short walk. So yes, I don’t have any bag cause I didn’t need one. I took just my phone and my keys, and they stay perfectly fine in my pockets or in my bf pockets :).
Nonetheless, I have a super big crush for this cute rabbit t-shirt from Sammydress! OMG, you know I have a little rabbit at home and this is just so cool for me! I really like the combo and if you’re looking for something cute, yet chic, this is the way to go ! 

What I wore:
- Bershka jeans
- YoyoMelody sneakers

Really hope you like the look, sweeties ! 
See ya tomorrow for a new OOTD post !



  1. So cute and fun look! LOve the top and the color of icy grey! The shoes are amazing as well!!

    Theano from FASHIONIZEIN

  2. Very cute tee, I love your sunnies match!


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