Saturday, June 25, 2016

No words

Hello sweeties,
I hope you are all following me on my social media to get a little glimpse on my adventures from Barcelona :). It’s not the first time that I’ve visited the city, but it remains one of the most powerful ones from Europe. The amount of people and traffic is just crazy ! 
Anyway, returning to a more Brussels-ish street style, I wanted to share with you today this super cute look I wore a couple of days ago, when going out to grab a bite in the city. I hope that you’ll like how this two piece ( blouse and skirt) from Sammydress and how I matched it with my shoes and bag. The pop of color is made by my gorgeous Rings& Tings ring that I simply adore ! 
I’ll leave you check out the little video I made on YouTube ( btw, don’t forget to subs to my channel) and of course, the lovely pics that my bf took ( my bf who I miss already even though only a day had passed <3 ) :

What I wore:

- Zara shoes
- Zara bag

Thank you so much for checking out the blog and I hope you guys have fun this weekend !


  1. Your style is amazing! x



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