Sunday, December 21, 2014

Live from Thailand

Hi, guys!
It's about 05:31am here in Thailand and seeing that there's nothing to do at this early hour, I thought I'd post some updates on my trip so far. 
I'm now in Chiang Mai and will be parting for Phuket later on today...
So far, so good. The weather is ok, the people are so nice and the landscapes and activities simply amazing!
So, here are a couple of pics took with my iPhone cause my camera is super heavy to carry around and very uncomfortable.
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~ Bangkok seen from my room at the 42st floor of Baiyoke Sky Hotel ~

~ Reclining Buddha in Wat Pho temple, Bangkok ~


~Bangkok at night ~ 

~ Furama Hotel in Chiang Mai

~ White Temple, Chiang Mai

~ Laos ( and crazy ass whisky made from crawleras ichhh )


~ Tiger Kindom, Chiang Mai

~ Elephant Camp, Chiang Mai.

Hope you like my little retrospective on Thailand so far. 
Will be back with more. Meanwhile, you can follow me on Instagram for daily updates ☺️


  1. Awesome photos!


  2. The Budha at Bangkok!


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Thank you for your lovely comments! And from now the word verification is up due to spamming ...
I hope you will visit again my blog :)


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