Thursday, July 30, 2015


Hi guys,
Here I am again with another outfit proposition. I'm like one step away from becoming a full time blogger lol ! It doesn't matter. This is a great way for me to spend the day ^^
This look I feel it to be appropriate for a beach walk. Not the one on the shore of course, but a walk in Monaco for instance. It's very classy, yet practical. My two piece set comes from Wholesale Buying and it's so chic ! I've paired it with my Mango sandals, cute New Dress red bag, Forever 21 beach hat and Wholesale Buying sunglasses

What I wore:
- Wholesale Buying two piece set ( find it here)
- Forever 21 hat
- Mango sandals
- New Dress bag ( find it here)
- Wholesale Buying sunglasses ( find them here)

So, how do you find this combo? would it be something you would wear? :D
Don't forget to drop a comment in the box below <3..always enjoy reading you ! 

Rising Sun

Hello sweeties,
I though the post for this morning should be one of inner peace, spiritual find and higher state of mind. That's right. I did yet another concept shoot, as I like to call it. I really love blending fashion with moods, culture and great landscapes. 
To "help" me build these amazing photos, I had this gorgeous dress from SheIn. I can honestly say that I love it all at this dress- the fabric, the design and also the color. It's a special summer find <3
To lead you into the atmosphere, I invite you to listen to this song while browsing through the pictures. I really love setting the mood hihi :D

What I wore:
- SheIn dress ( find it here)
- Karen Millen sandals
- Zara purse

How do you feel about the look? I, for one, simply love it ^^
Thank you so much for visiting the blog and I'll be back tonight with a more of a streetstyle look ! :D

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bow and butterflies

Hello again, sweeties ! :D
Oh, it's beginning to be a nasty habit this whole story with posting two times a day. What do you think? Do you like it? :)
Well, in another fashionable order, I'm here to bring you another outfit proposition for those of you who love shorter dresses. Enough with the gowns and maxi dresses, right? ^^
My beautiful dress is from Wholesale Buying and it's that kind of stylish dress you'd wear on a date for instance. I believe it matches so well my cute shoes from Dresslink. In my opinion, the perfect combo <3
I'll let you judge, as always... :)

What I wore:
- Wholesale Buying dress ( find it here)
- Dresslink sandals ( find them here)
- Alexander McQueen clutch

So, how do you feel about the look? 
The sandals are an imitation of Charlotte Olympia's butterfly shoes. I took a size up, being afraid that they will arrive a bit small, but they are true to size, so I know that my feet are kinda hanging out lol. Sorry about that. But that way you guys can totally know to take your true size ! :D
Thank you for visiting the blog <3

Light Blue

Hi guys,
Let's start the day fashionably and fabulous ! Since it's still the wedding season, you've been seing me wearing a lot of gowns and beautiful dresses. To keep this little "tradition", I have for you a new lovely dress from Dresslink that is so beautiful, design and color all in one !
For this look I did a really beautiful hairdo. The thing is that, as I do with outfits, hairdos really come natural as I'm there with all the hair pins and elastics and I twist and turn the hair around until I'm satisfied with the result :)
Hope you like the look, guys! 

What I wore:
- Dresslink dress ( find it here)
- Mango sandals
- Sfera clutch

So, how about it? 
Do you like the look?
Can't wait to read all your comments ^^

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Date Night

Hello again sweeties,
Oh, it's kinda fun posting two times a day. It's like you're getting the taste of something sweet and you never want to let go :)
Tonight I'm going out for dinner and a movie. Naturally, my look is prepared and set into place long before. (well, just a couple of hours ago, so yeah, I think that's ok) I'm not like other girls who arrive late on a date. I like to be punctual, but at the same time good looking. 
The dress I'm wearing is from New Dress and this shade of green is one of my favorite colours, mainly because it matches so well my skin tone. 
I'll let you discover more about what I'm wearing while I wait to go outside...

What I wore:
- New Dress green dress( find it here)
- Guess sandals
- H&M clutch

It was super windy, so my hair who was supposed to stay put, giving that bob look effect, really went all over the place. Bof !
Anyway, hope you like the look, guys ! <3